Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes will be installed between Trenton Park and downtown New Glasgow in fall 2013 & Spring 2014.

In preparation for this enhancement, we are sharing answers to some of the most common questions.


What is a bike lane?

A bike lane is a portion of the roadway that is designated for the use of bicyclists.

What does a bike lane look like?

It is a striped lane painted on the pavement that is a minimum of 1.5m wide. Repeated within the lane are large white bicycles and diamonds.

Why Bike lanes?

Bike lanes make most people feel safer about cycling on city streets. Bike lanes help create order,cutting down on weaving, and making streets safer for bikes and cars.

Sharing the Road with Bicycles

The Motorist - According to the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Respect for the rights of all road users goes a long way towards avoiding collisions.

Watch For Bicyclists 

Most collisions involving bicyclists and motorists occur at intersections. This often happens when a motorist pulls out from a stop sign or driveway without yielding, or turns across a bicyclist’s path.

Make Room For Cyclists

Bicyclists need to ride at least 1 metre away from parked cars to avoid being hit if a door suddenly opens. Bicyclists also need to avoid potholes and debris, and to pass double-parked cars.

Bicyclists may occupy as much of a traffic lane as their safety warrants. By law motorists need to leave a metre between them and the bicyclist when passing.

What is a segregated bike lane?

A segregated bike lane is a designated on-street bicycle lane that is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic through the use of barriers such as curbs, parked cars, delineators, or other street treatments. Typically 1.5m wide but can be a minimum of 1.2m in constrained situations.

Who can use a bike lane?

 All designated bike lanes, including segregated bike lanes, are to be used by cyclists only.

Can I walk in the segregated bike lane?

Just as cyclists are not allowed to use sidewalks, pedestrians should not use bike lanes. This will ensure the safety of both cyclists and pedestrians.

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