MORE Run 2014 - We Are The Village

The Marathon of Respect and Equality will be held Thursday on May 1, 2014, and will incorporate each community in Pictou County, including Pictou Landing First Nation.


MORE Principles

Some Important Reminders

2014 Route Details

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From 1990-2009, we in Pictou County were fortunate to be the location of Henderson Paris’ remarkable Run Against Racism. For those 20 years,

Undoubtedly, Henderson’s efforts had a tremendous impact- Pictou County is a beautiful, warm and tolerant community-and Hennie’s role in helping to nurture that is well documented and clear.

When Henderson announced his Run was ending in 2009, there were several common reactions from others:

1.The first was “Thanks for a job well done! Congratulations!” The end of the Run gave everyone an opportunity to thank Hennie, Carol and the Committee for all their hard work.

2.The second reaction was a profound sense of loss- no one wanted Hennie to leave the stage, so to speak. We had all grown accustomed to the Run’s signaling the end of winter and the return of a sense of optimism, hope and goodwill. People liked Hennie personally and recognized they would miss his presence as well as the Run.

3.The last and most frequent reaction was “But there is so much more to do!” While Hennie’s Run had no doubt made a huge difference, everyone recognized that racial intolerance and the marginalization of people for a variety of discriminatory reasons were still present. The fight Hennie had fought so well was not fully won, nor perhaps could it ever be, and his Run’s ending would leave a real void.

This, then, was the impetus for the Marathon of Respect and Equality.

•MORE was required to combat racial discrimination.

•MORE education around racial sensitivity and tolerance for young and old alike was needed.

•MORE support and new reasons for hope for all people marginalized in our society were needed.

So, MORE was created. Like its new logo, it incorporates the old Run Against Racism, which everyone recognizes and which Henderson so graciously allowed the committee to co-opt, with the new acronym M-O-R-E, which encourages us all to jump in and do more for this most worthy cause.

 MORE Principles

The new Run has been designed to reflect certain key principles, taken from the example set by Hennie over all those 20 years:

1.It will be a continuation of Hennie’s work in his original Run Against Racism. We are not trying to do something startlingly different or novel- we are trying to build on what is a solid foundation, not start a whole new structure.

2.The New Run’s purposes, along with any events or activities associated with it, are to end racial discrimination and to promote respect and equality for whoever is in any way marginalized or disrespected in our society.

3.The Marathon of Respect and Equality will be inclusive and non-competitive- in keeping with Henderson’s slogan, “Together we can make a difference”, the organizing committee will encourage all events and activities associated with MORE to be welcoming, collegial and cooperative in nature.

4.MORE will focus on education- education which is positive, non-judgmental and encouraging. Over 20 years ago, in response to a deeply hurtful event, Hennie and his wife, Carol, made the decision to use his athletic gifts to educate and promote understanding rather than to become bitter or angry or recriminating; it is this example we wish to follow here.

5.Finally, while MORE is obviously going to be a running event in and of itself and (we hope) many people will “run for Hennie”, the organizing committee wants to broaden considerably what it means to be a runner in this case.

 Some Important Reminders

The organizing committee wishes to make it clear that while we are emulating Hennie’s Run, we have no illusions about replicating it.

Rather, we want the principles of his Run, the ideals he pursued and which are reflected in the new run’s name, to take center stage. We want the words and actions of our municipal leaders, our students, our business leaders, all the citizens of Pictou County to be reflective of the same commitment Hennie, Carol and their committee demonstrated for the past twenty years.

We are confident the people of Pictou County will do what they can to support this effort and continue to work toward Hennie’s goal of a completely tolerant and respectful community.

Also, the committee thanks Henderson and Carol Paris for their on-going support, guidance and generosity during the developing of MORE. Their endorsement and assistance have been critical in allowing MORE to be established and grow.


 2014 Route Details

• 8:00 am- All Runners gather at Pictou Tourist Bureau to prepare for Run, sign waivers, etc. Please call 755-8480 or 752-2709 if you need a drive from New Glasgow to Pictou on the morning of the Run.

• 8:15 am- Run leaves Tourist Bureau and travels north toward Pictou along West River Road, then Water Street to Rally at Town Square

• 8:30 am- Run arrives at Pictou Rally

• 8:45 am- Run departs rally, travels along Water Street, then left on Coleraine Street, then left on Church Street and returns to Tourist Bureau

• 9:00 am- All Runners load bus to travel to Up-River Towns section of Run

• 9:20 am- Bus arrives at Celtic School Board office on Westville Road

• 9:25 am- Run leaves School Board office and travels along Westville Road toward Town of Westville

• 9:50 am- Run arrives at Westville Rally at Town Office

• 10:05 am- Run departs Westville Rally and proceeds along Drummond Road/Acadia Avenue toward Town of Stellarton

• 10:30 am- Run arrives at Stellarton Rally at NSCC Campus on Acadia Avenue

• 10:45 am- Run departs Stellarton Rally and travels along Acadia Avenue, turns left onto Foord Street and continues on Foord/Stellarton Road toward Town of New Glasgow (Route toward New Glasgow Rally at Glasgow Square is Stellarton Road, George Street to Riverside Parkway, right on Riverside Parkway to Glasgow Square)

• 11:20 am- Run arrives at New Glasgow Rally at Glasgow Square

• 11:40 am- Run departs New Glasgow Rally and travels up MacLean Street to Provost Street, turns right on Provost Street, travels to Archimedes Street, turns left onto Archimedes Street, travels Archimedes Street to Trenton Road, stopping at parking lot at Big Al’s Convenience Store to board bus to travel to Pictou Landing section of Run

• 12:05 am- Bus travels to Presbyterian Church in Pictou Landing

• 12:20 pm- Bus arrives at Presbyterian Church

• 12:25 pm- Run travels along Pictou Landing Road toward Pictou Landing First Nation

• 12:50 pm- Run arrives at Pictou Landing Rally

• 1:15 pm- Bus departs Pictou Landing First Nation and travels toward Town of Trenton and last section of Run

• 1:25 pm- Runners get off bus on Pictou Landing Road at Hillside and travel along Pictou Landing Road/Main Street to arrive at Trenton Rally at Skate board Park/old ball field at 1:35 pm

• 1:50 pm- Run departs Trenton Rally and travels south along Main Street toward New Glasgow

• Run continues along Trenton Road to Provost Street and travels toward East River Road

• 2:30 pm- Run turns left onto Marsh street and stops at Calvary Temple parking lot on Marsh Street

• 2:40 pm- Run continues east on Marsh Street, travels Marsh Street to Vale Road, bears right to Vale Road, travels Vale Road to Park Street, turns right to Park Street and travels toward North Nova Education Centre

• 3:00 pm- Run ends at NNEC